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Two of my sons have been tutored by Stacy when preparing for the ACT/PSAT, and each time we were very pleased.  She is excellent at assessing the amount of tutoring time needed to help students achieve their goal scores.  Stacy is very efficient and gives the kids excellent test taking tools without a lot of unnecessary busy work at home.  Both of my boys really enjoyed working with Stacy, and most importantly, the hard work paid off when the scores came back and each achieved his goal.

-----Trish W

After working with Stacy, my scores raised from a 24 composite to a 32, which put me into a whole other level of colleges which I could apply and receive scholarships from. Stacy's helpful strategies and tips really prepared me well, and I could not have achieved this score without her help! My initial worst sections turned out to be my best sections after her tutoring. Truly a miracle worker! I’m planning to attend Santa Clara University this fall with a merit based scholarship. 

-----Lilly U

Accepted to:

Loyola Marymount University, University of San Diego, Chapman University, Southern Methodist University, Santa Clara University, Rollins College, CU Boulder,

UC Santa Cruz

Back in 2009, my daughter needed to boost her SAT scores, and we found Stacy. Stacy taught my daughter tricks for math, English and writing - in fact my daughter got an almost perfect score in writing. On top of that, she kept my daughter on task, which meant that I didn’t have to do it, and she always took my calls to discuss next steps. My daughter thought Stacy was a wiz, so when my son took the SAT three years later, we again contacted Stacy. His scores also improved. And three years later, when my third child needed help, there was no question we'd tap Stacy again. He had to stay with it longer, and took lots of practice SAT tests. His final scores catapulted him into a category he might not have attained without Stacy.

The kids went to Duke, Tulane and we’re still waiting on the third child. 

Stacy has been so wonderful. She motivates the kids, cheers them on, and is there to pick up the pieces when they falter. We’re all really grateful to Stacy, and count our lucky starts that we found her!

-----Amy E

Stacy is an exceptional ACT tutor. Her positive attitude and extensive knowledge of the test actually made me look forward to doing the prep. After working with her, I was able to raise my ACT score by several points and attend my school of choice. Thanks Stacy!

----- Riley M

Vanderbilt University

WOW!  Stacy is a miracle-worker.  She provided our teen with lots of tips and tricks in a relatively short amount of time.  Our teen said that she never would have attained the information on her own, no matter the amount of studying or preparation.  Not only is she motivating and encouraging, but Stacy has a wonderful rapport with the kids.  Our teen actually enjoyed the time she spent preparing for the tests with Stacy and didn’t dread the sessions as expected.  And the added bonus?  Our teen said that some of the skills she gained from Stacy are applicable to her classes at school!

-----Janet L

The SAT was always a daunting test. As soon as I started working with Stacy, she made it simple. I came out of our sessions enthused to practice with tips that made all the difference to my score. Stacy made it possible for me to get into my dream school.

-----Ally B

Notre Dame

Stacy was an incredible help! She helped me bring my SAT to a 2350 and my ACT to a 36. She was great to work with, and her sense of humor made any practice not only endurable, but also fun! She also helped me prepare my college essays, and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get into my first choice college!

-----Arpan S


I had the most positive experience I could've had with Stacy. As crazy as it sounds, I legitimately looked forward to going to ACT prep after school because of how fun and simple Stacy made each session. I improved 3 ACT points on my test and got into my #1 choice school! 

----Talia S

Accepted to:

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Northeastern, Penn State, Rutgers, Uconn, University of Illinois, and Umass. 

Stacy is a premier tutor if there ever was one! She has worked with both of my kids and in her unique, inimitable, focused teaching style, she has taken them to the heights that they were truly capable of. My kids have somewhat differing learning styles but in both cases she helped them raise their ACT scores—which were already quite good when we went to Stacy—to new heights! She is great to work with and very responsive to the needs of her students. If you are looking for elite performance on ACT/SAT/PSAT, you cannot go wrong with Stacy.

-----Indu C

We were so fortunate to find a teacher like Stacy who made the SAT/ACT preparation fun and extremely effective. Stacy had a way of figuring out exactly what our son needed to get perfect/near perfect scores in ACT/SAT. He enjoyed his sessions with her and test prep wasn’t a drag thanks to Stacy’s sense of humor. It was great having her go through his college applications.  Thank you Stacy for helping us through the stressful college application process!

-----Medha S


Premier Test Preparation

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